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How do I get on a Metro team?

VA Metro holds try-out OPEN yearly in mid-July/ August. If you wish to play for one of our VA Metro teams mid-seasons, please email the program. We take all inquires on a case by case basis. We are always looking for athletic, field smart players that have the desire to grow into an amazing lacrosse player. 

Do we have to live in a certain area/attend a certain school to be considered for VA Metro?

No. We are looking for the best players who have a commitment and desire to be great athletes. Our teams feature a blend of student-athletes from the greater metro region. We realize our players will go on to play with their individual high school teams and ultimately different college programs. We want the best players period. No drama, no politics. 

Who will be coaching my daughter?

At Virginia Metro Lacrosse believe that great coaching gives our players what they need to have success. Our coaches not only strive to help form great lacrosse players but, also give their players the keys to be successful leaders in the future. To see a list of our coaches please check under “about us”. 

Do you have dedicated goalie coaches?

We realize the value of having strong goalkeepers. We currently have two dedicated goalie coaches on staff and will continue to add and evaluate as our program grows.

Does everyone play equally?

No. While we do our best to rotate players in and out our ultimate goal is to be a competitive program that puts out outstanding college-level lacrosse players.

If I play "club" lacrosse with Metro can I play other sports?

Yes. We encourage our players to play multiple sports. We understanding that cross training minimizes injury and that playing more than one sport makes for stronger lacrosse players. Our goal is to help build strong, healthy, college-level athletes. We do however request that you honor your commitment to your Metro team before any other team/sport.  

If I play with VA Metro can I play another "club"?

No. We prioritize our athletes' health and understand the risks from burnout and overuse so, we do not allow our players to play with multiple clubs. 

What separates you from other “club” teams?

Virginia Metro Lacrosse strives to get our players to their goals. We focus on the whole player and give them all the keys they need for success. We have strong coaches and focus on our teams having “field smarts” as well as high skill levels. We believe that strong practice, teamwork, and stick work are the key to success. Our ultimate goal is for ALL the Metro teams to be highly competitive and successful. 100% of our players go on to play in high school - 98% of our 2021 freshman class (the first team to play together through the entire program) made Varsity as a freshman.


Please feel free to email any additional questions.