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2023-2024 Club Dues - UPDATED 7/2023

High School Teams:

VA Metro 25 Navy: yearly fee $2300 divided into two payments of $1150

VA Metro 26 NAVY: yearly fee of $2300 divided into two payments of $1150

VA Metro 27 NAVY: yearly fee of $2300 divided into two payments of $1150


FEE INCLUDES - IWLCA Sports ELITE Recruits recruiting account with unlimited highlights


Middle School Teams:

VA Metro 28: yearly fee of $1995 (payment plans available)

VA Metro 29: yearly fee of $1995 (payment plans available)

VA Metro 30: yearly Fee $1995 (payment plans available)


Lower School Teams:

VA Metro 31 & 32: yearly Fee $1850 (payment plans available)

VA Metro 33&34: yearly Fee $1850 (payment plans available)





We do not refund any fees once a player accepts the roster spot and commits to participate. We do not prorate fees based on attendance or refund if a tournament gets canceled. Once a player accepts their roster spot they are committing for a full year (Fall and Summer)



Club Dues includes the following expenses:

Insurance - player and team

Web Site Fees

Facility Rentals

Team Equipment

Coaches’ Stipends, Hotels & Flights

Administrative Costs

College Recruiting Assistance 

Guest Clinicians

Instructional Sessions


Additional fees for Winter/Spring leagues, uniform, the fee does not include any hotel/travel fees.


New players are required to purchase a uniform, cost $100. Returning players can purchase additional uniform pieces as needed.